Prepare quick and delicious
recipes with Jurupinga Dinalle

Raspadinha of Jurupinga


• 1 blender cup filled with ice cubes.
• 1 package of drink powder of your favorite flavor
• Sugar to taste
• Jurupinga Dinalle to taste

Preparation method
Put ice inside the blender cup, add the drink powder and a little bit of Jurupinga.
Turn the blender on and off repeatedly until the ice turns into a mass. Prove Jurupinga and sugar.
Serve it immediately in long cups.

Suggestions: pineapple and mint leaves or lemon peels give the drink a special flavor.

Jurupinga Citrus


• 1 dose of Jurupinga Dinalle
• 3 spoons of sweetened lemon juice
• Mint leaves
• Sparkling water
• Ice

Preparation method
Put the lemon juice and the mint leaves but do not mash them; just squeeze them at the bottom of the glass to release flavor. Add the Jurupinga and lots of ice. Fill it with sparkling water.

Jurupinga with Cassis Cream


• 2/4 of Cassis Dinalle cream
• 2/4 of icy Jurupinga Dinalle

Preparation method
Pour the Cassis liquor in an iced wine glass and then add Jurupinga on top.

Jurupinga Ice


• 1/2 cup of icy Jurupinga Dinalle
• 1 can of Lemonade Soda

Preparation method
Add Jurupinga in a long glass with ice. Fill it with soda. Decorate it with lemon peel.

Caipirinha of Jurupinga


• 1 dose of Jurupinga Dinalle
• 1 chopped kiwi

• Sugar to taste

Preparation method
Mash the kiwi with sugar in a caipirinha glass and add Jurupinga with ice cubed. Decorate it with a slice of kiwi.

Jurupinga Sacolé / Ice-cream homemade


• 500 ml of Jurupinga Dinalle
• 1 box of strawberries
• Small plastic bags

Preparation method
Cut the strawberries into small slices
Add Jurupinga Dinalle
Fill plastic bags with the mixture
Keep in the freezer for 5 hours
Enjoy your delicious frozen dessert!